How it Started

We’re Amanda and Tiffany, sisters, best friends, and founders of E&O! We’ve been making jewelry since we were little kids, selling friendship bracelets to all the other kids on the block! We always knew that we wanted to work together when we grew up! Through school, jobs and raising a family we kept pushing towards the dream of running our small business and leaving our full-time jobs! We are so proud to be powered by a team of awesome women (many of whom have their own small businesses).

Make it Meaningful

Emery, representing the May birthstone, symbolizes the month Emery and Opal was born. Opal, the October birthstone, holds a special place in the heart of the company, representing our late grandmother, Beatrice. Her spirit is the driving force behind our success. She was the hardest working woman we knew, showing us that women are strong, independent, and can accomplish anything.

We’re on a mission to provide you with dreamy everyday jewelry. We are passionate about our customers and making them feel confident through beautiful jewelry.

About our Jewelry

We create simple, dreamy, and celestial demi-fine jewelry. Inspired by all of nature, whether it be flowers blooming in the ground or the endless cosmic beauty of the night sky. We love combining both our styles and ideas to create the perfect piece of jewelry for you. 

Our designs are sketched in-house and we work with ethical sources to bring those designs to life. We use synthetic and natural stones to ensure our pieces are affordable. We primarily use gold-filled materials and all our sterling silver comes from recycled silver. Each piece is handmade in our Montreal studio.

Giving Back

It is important to give back to the community so each month we donate to a different charity! We also donate jewelry to many women-based charities, like the princess project, which gives underprivileged girls the opportunity to go to prom with donated dresses and jewelry. When you purchase a piece of jewelry from us, you’re not only going to love your piece, and make our day (seriously, thank you!) but you’ll also be positively impacting someone’s life! Now that’s something to feel good about!