Fox Necklace

$52.00 CAD

Fox Spirit Animal Necklace
Foxes are symbols of wit and adaptability. They are teachers that will guide you in the dark and help navigate obstacles. Call on the spirit of the Fox when you are looking for help in a tricky situation, need to increase your awareness or are trying to find the right path for you.



  • Pendant is 16K Matte Gold Plated over Pewter measuring 20 x 10 mm
  • Chain is 14k Gold Filled or Sterling Silver
  • Size inclusive and can be made in any size needed

About your Jewelry:

  • Gold Filled: Waterproof - Gold Filled jewelry is made by bonding a layer of solid gold to another metal. It’s at least 1000x thicker than gold plating and is super durable and long lasting.
  • Sterling Silver: Waterproof - Sterling Silver requires polishing from time to time due to oxidation but is super durable and long lasting.
  • Plated: Not Waterproof - Plated jewelry is not recommended for everyday wear. Tarnish over a few days is not normal however it can happen over a few months of consistent wear with plated items. How fast the plating fades depends on several different factors such as; your skin’s acidity, how often you wear the piece and the activities you do while wearing the piece.

If you are not wearing your jewelry, whether gold-filled or sterling silver or plated, it is best to store it in a cool, dry place such as your gift box that is included in your order.