Creating love and friendship <3

Inspired by fashion and femininity, we aim to create fun and trendy pieces that bring joy and happiness to our customers. Whether given as a gift to someone you love or given as a gift to yourself, jewelry should make you smile and give you the confidence you need to be who you are.

My journey began when, as a young girl, my mother bought me a book on how to make friendship bracelets – from that day on I was hooked! Throughout the years my focus shifted while completing school and getting a degree in finance but my passion was reignited when, looking for a way to raise money for the Weekend to end Womens cancers, I decided to make and sell pink breast cancer bracelets. I loved the idea of making pieces that were not only beautiful but also spread happiness and positivity. The bracelets were a big hit and from there I decided I would dedicate myself to trying to make people’s lives better, even if it was through something as simple as a piece of jewelry.

I am now fortunate enough to call this my full-time job and am able to employ part-time staff. We sell our jewelry online all over the world through Etsy and in various shops that have a focus on handmade local goods.

Our jewelry is sweet and simple with a hint of playfulness. We believe in giving gifts for every occasion (or just because) and love to see the joy our pieces bring. We want women to look their best without breaking the bank. All our pieces are handmade in Montreal.

I invite you to check out our pieces and give a gift to someone you love (yourself included).